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Garett Bonasorte

Food & Beverage Advisor

As Valkyrie’s Food & Beverage Advisor, Garett brings over 15 years of insider alliances to our brokerage platform. With an intuitive grasp of the power of thoughtful service to create bonds of trust, Garett invests in the nuances of every transaction; providing for the total of each clients’ needs such that they may benefit sustainably throughout the ensuing landlord/tenant relationship. Whether advising first-time operators or curating creative dream spaces for established industry names, Garett leads with earnest effort and strong commitment — values he brings not just to the deal table, but in providing guidance and individualized support long after each closing. Outside of the field, Garett might be planning his next gallery visit (bonus points if you can discuss the composition of a Hiroshi Sugimoto photo) or accentuating the evening with a well-shaken Corpse Reviver No. 2.

+1 (917) 972-1750 (o)
+1 (347) 482-5788 (c)