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Joseph Callaway

Senior Advisor

Fusing the wit and acumen of a Northeast insider with the courtesy of the American South, Joseph is a canny negotiator who takes pride in creating relationships that last. Leveraging expertise from years of world-class hospitality management and his background as a recording artist and performer in Philadelphia and New York, Joseph has built a track record of placing savvy NYC businesses in properties where they flourish — applying a firm grasp of modern tastes to his work with renowned music labels, extreme sports figures, and coveted venue operators. Joseph is an avid runner; and relishes in cataloging film scores and losing himself to the synths and other gear in his music studio. To Joseph, life is for the taking — and truly filled with zeal and joy as a husband, father, and disgruntled keeper of his problematic cat.

+1 (917) 972-1750 (o)
+1 (267) 443-7798 (c)