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The Acre

Farm-Driven American Comfort Food and Cocktails

When we first met Colleen Makary and Ian Bock of Ridgewood’s The Acre, we knew we’d found kindred spirits in the way they put their passion, positivity, and creativity at the front of each conversation. Leveraging years of world-class hospitality experience in NYC and beyond, Colleen and Ian knew they could bring their talent to creating a more inclusive, community-centered vibe while offering next-level comfort food and a thoughtfully-curated beverage program that would appeal to any and all who walk through their doors. As a result, The Acre stands out — not just with the warm glow beaming from their gorgeously restored steel-and-glass corner facade, but as a truly independent business that espouses diversity in hiring; supports the vitality of local, sustainable farms; and champions an integrated neighborhood economy. In this way, The Acre offers a warm, memorable experience to their happy guests day-in and night-out.

68-22 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood