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The Shop NYC

Curated Vinyl Record Shop and Roller Skate Boutique

Let’s face it: every day we get out of the door and get into making our way and growing our lives in NYC, we’re bombarded with demands, desires, and agendas that push, pull, and shape our experience in seemingly infinite ways. But, sometimes, through all the sound and fury, a voice — a vibe — might reach us; and in a fundamental way tether us back to the underlying soul of what really makes this city move. We immediately felt that voice when we first caught glimpse of the irrepressible Amy “Amz” Collado putting together the concept for Butter Roll, her next-level roller skate mecca built on a foundation of inclusivity, social activism, positivity, effortless style, and a return to the type of joy in creating community that beats in the heart of New York’s neighborhoods from generation to generation. Conceived in 2015 as a social enterprise dedicated to championing vibrant physical, mental, and social wellness for Urban Diaspora identifying communities, Butter Roll exploded as Amz formed partnerships with LeFrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park, WBGO Radio, and the NYC Parks Department to produce the city’s most exciting roller skating events in recent history. Butter Roll’s retail incarnation has since merged with High Water Music to form The Shop NYC, bringing the Brooklyn-Queens border back to a moment where we put value in a space open to all to connect, dig in and vibe out, get outfitted with next-level gear and sounds, and head out to the next amazing roll.

775 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood